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"Just wanted to write a quick review for EXtreme Automatics from Mulberry Indiana. My 700r4 took a dump, so I figured I'd have it rebuilt, and thankfully they were nearby. I spoke with Lonnie the entire time and he was very, very professional. He also did the work on time and for a good. He told me what was ultimately wrong with the trans, and cleaned it up really nice for me as well. You might know this company from the grand national world, as they are famous for heavy duty rebuilds of 2004r as you can see here: I would recommend Lonnie and EXtreme Automatics to anyone who is nearby because of a professional attitude and superb work!"

-- IrocZ'85 ThirdGen.org


"Lonnie at EXtreme Automatics is good."

-- Jakeshoe LS1Tech.com


"Lonnie is a stand up guy and will take care of you."

-- Turbo Nasty TB.com


"Just got off the phone with Lonnie.He said the forward drum let go, he offered to have it picked up fixed and delivered back free of charge >he did recommend a billet drum at an additional cost.I think I will go that route for peace of mind. Lonnies customer service exceeded my expectations..THANK YOU"

-- newkid87GN TB.com


"He is customer service to the maximum. Communication is key with him. Good luck."

-- CaptFlash TB.com


"I have one of Lonnie's stage 1 transmissions with over 30,ooo very hard street miles behind a stroker engine that makes some power and this thing still shifts like the day I got it. Not bad for a crap 200r4!!"

-- Dpasadena TB.com


“I have an EXtreme Automatics 200r4 in my 81. Lonnie is a great guy to deal with and can build a bullet proof 200r4.”

- HBZ_81_C3 CorvetteForum.com


“Never dealt with Lonnie for a trans but have gotten some other stuff from him.The guy is top notch in my book and id buy a trans from him in a heartbeat.”

-- Broke1 turbobuicks.com


“I have no doubt that they build some pretty good stuff if they build as listed. But I couldn't do any better as far as price goes. As an independent trans shop, we don't get any price breaks on the special HP stuff. Parts like the overdrive planet and valve body. So if I build one with those kind of parts, I have to buy from them, build the trans and sell to the customer. In the end, you would end up paying more from me. So I'd get from them, since they have access to the special heavy duty parts. Let them be responsible for when something breaks. Then I don't have to deal with it.”

-- IndyShiftman bangshift.com


“EA built me a TH400 on a shoestring budget mounted behind my SBC twin turbo and it's still going strong.”

-- Ralph Kumbier


“I have one of his 210 Spragless trans shipping to me this week. It is the second one Ive purchased and the first I ran for a number of seasons in the car in my sig. It is like any other reverse pattern manual TH400 on the street. His customer service is second to none, give him a call I am sure he will be more than happy to answer all your questions.”

-- Spooled up turbobuick.com


“I got one of Lonnies 2004r. I love it. I am putting out north of 500 fb tq. It is holding up good with Techg8 posi behind it. Anyway Lonnie said the best and easy way is to go with the e-z piece. So I spent the money and got it. It was very easy and I am glad I did it.”

-- 66gsconv v8buick.com


“Love my 2004r from Lonnie.”

-- UOP yellowbullet.com


“Honestly its not even a fair fight. The 2004R will handle power that far exceeds that of any 700R4 or 4L60 that can be built at any price. 2004R has a better gear ratio spread, better overdrive ratio, will fit many more applications, lighter, stronger ... I can go on and on. The 700R4 is best left to applications where its the only option such as 4WD or All WD, tow vehicles, Lower HP applications or for folks that are more concerned with budget versis strength and reliability.”

-- Red Regal T elcaminocentral.com


“Nice choice on the tranny.Iva had one of Lonnies trannys in my car for over 2 1/2 years and havent touched it since I installed it. Couldnt say the same for the PA C4 I had before that. ”

-- JIMS SVT corral.net


“I will second what Ron is saying. But Lonnie is an exception to this rule of nightmare transmission builders. He's a standup guy and will be there when you're in need. I wouldn't buy a performance trans from anyone but him! ”

-- 1 Slow SS montecarloss.com


“One of the best in the industry! I drag race a heavy GMC truck and have been extremely happy with my trans from Lonnie! If you need a transmission that is fast and will last....EXtreme Automatics is the way to go!!!”

-- Ron Gibbany


“Best hi perf trannys around!”

-- Jason Rusch


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Lonnie builds a great 200-4r I have the stage three. Before I had his I broke FIVE other so called built transmissions. I have had Lonnie's 200 for two years and beat the hell out of it and in fact just bought another for my other car. You can't break his stage 3 200-4r, not with a C3, no way.

-- JarredSoon CorvetteForum.com


“I have one also, going into a 71 442. Excellent customer service from Lonnie. Check the Turbo Buick boards for more feedback.”

-- Classic442 Pro-Touring.com


“I'd give Lonnie at EXtreme Automatics 2 thumbs up. He was a great help when I built my 200R4.”

-- LarryM Hotrodders.com


“The EXtreme spragless trans is wicked. I know someone with one. It has gone 125 passes at 1500hp without being freshened. Prior to that, we were freshening the mackdaddy glide every 30 passes.”

-- ShaneH TheTurboForums.com


“I picked up the stage 2 from Lonnie at EXtreme Automatics, he's a good guy. Was only a little over an hr drive to get down there. Lots of good reviews about his transmissions in the Dayton and Cincinnati area.”

-- Rick90lx TheTurboForums.com


“The Griner valve body is by far the FASTEST releasing trans brake out there and Lonnier Diers knows his stuff with those 400's and 2004r's.”

-- Gnvair forums.corral.net


“I went the TH400 route and have been smiling ever since. Call Lonnie at EXtreme Automatics. He uses billet Griner valve bodies and yes, get the transbrake (fun button).”

-- Trevman2 forums.corral.net


“The 36 element sprag did not work out for me, It may for others . I am just stating that I feel like I wasted my money on that sprag because it is junk now. In my opinion EXtreme automatics has a much better solution to the problem. I am moving on and going with a spagless transmission. I would be dollars ahead had I gone that route originally.”

-- Sam Colalillo Turbobuick.com


“Lonnie Dires from http://eXtremeautomatics.com/ One hell of a guy to deal with...I recommend this guy to everyone across the U S of A ”

-- JB Racing Turbobuicks.com


“Hey Lonnie, I love the new website! I see my Monte Carlo SS made the photo page. I was excited to see that. I absolutely love the 200-4r that you built me. I'm going on 15,000 miles of pure enjoyment! I am always recommending you to guys on the montecarloss.com forum. I hope business is going well. Here is a quick video of my car doing a burnout. Feel free to post it on your site. Keep up the good work! Thanks for being awesome!”

-- Thanks!
Jason Jablonski


“Lonnie is great, I have one of his 400s and it works awesome!”

-- Launchin
Edmonton, Canada


“I researched this trans far and wide for my car, and I ended up with EXtreme Automatics 200-4r.. Lonnie is great to deal with and a straight shooter...head over to turbo buicks website and check out who most people recommend.. Lonnie.... his reputation with the this trans is incredible... I have a fairly big cam, so i am not goig lock up, he said buy a good converter and i wont have any issues with excessive slip. ”

-- AJensen383


“Only place to get your perfect transmission.”

-- Adam Knoll


“Actually knowing so many GN guys they prefer to use the hurst/442 for cores because they arent hammered like many bfr units. Most of the stock advantages in the gn trans are discarded for aftermarket stuff anyway. Lonnie diers in my opinion has one of the top 200r4s out there. There is a wealth of info on his site. EXtremeautomatics. Check it out. Im going with his stage 1 unit in my SS. Done with local rebuilds. I want a fresh unit done by a pro.”

-- 88 Cutty Classic oldspower.com


“i run spragless set from EXtreme Automatics .com, same tranny 3 years 700hp!”

-- RedRio88 tgwforums.com


“Talk to lonnie at EXtreme Automatics, gave me a crap load of good info, and is very knowledgable, price is pretty awesome too ”

-- jmstekguy theturboforums.com


“I hear good things about this company when I found GN forums .Some customers said he can be hard to get ahold of during racing season as he's so busy, but his work is the best. As you know I am the biggest critic of the 200-4R , but Lonnie is making me into a believer.”

-- RainMan 78ta.com


“Amazing company and guy to work with! Builds some bad ass transmissions!!”

-- Steph Brandon


“The Bustang TH400 works great! Quickest Six on Drag week! 2013”

-- Scott Klepinger


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“Lonnie Diers and the guys at EXtreme Automatics are awesome. They were able to build me a stage 2 2004r transmission on short notice and gave my friends and I a great recommendation on hotel accommodations and places to go while we are in NC. If you are looking to put overdrive in your A-body or v8 powered Regal, Lonnie is the guy to talk to.”

-- DauntlessSB92 v8Buick.com


“Have to give Lonnie at EXtreme Automatics a big thanks for coming through. After trying 2 local shops (full story after litigation concludes) and wasting months of my life, then going through 2 (two) S.R.T.A 4L80E's direct from GM, I gave EXtreme a try. So far, in the last YEAR and 3 months, I now have a truck I can finally keep my foot into and not worry about a trans spitting out parts or overheating. I can now light tires and tow whatever I want. I got his stage 2 4L80E and it was night and day different than what had been in there. Was able to reach Lonnie directly, with no trouble, he even followed up a few times with the install to see how it went. If you need a trans, definitely give him a call. Thanks Lonnie.”

-- Hambone Silver Spring, Maryland


“lonnie is a good guy and builds good stuff. I'm sure you will be happy with what you get. he has built several trans for me.”

-- Turbogtq70 YellowBullet.com


“The nice thing about dealing with Lonnie is you actually get the billet or specialty parts you were promised installed in your transmission. I was very shocked when a trans. (TH400) stage III turned out to be a stock rebuild. The vendor, from the NY area, said that thats all that was needed for a v6. Once confronted this vendor admitted that I was sold a stock rebuild at full race prep prices. Keep in mind that this vendor knew this trans. was going behind a full race stage II engine. Lonnie will get it right or make it right every time”

-- Built2Run Turbobuicks.com


“I would never buy another trans from anyone other then Lonnie..The man is amazing, and a honest man..He used my core, installed it, drove it, then brought it back to me on a trailer. It had a problem with the TQ. So he came and got it again, fixed it, drove it, then brought it back on the trailer again..and it wasn't even his problem. If your making any kind of power don't use a lockup TQ. I learned the hard way..melted the lockup media in a PTC 2800 like it was nothing..Once again Thanks Lonnie! By the way. lonnie drove over 12 hours on three trips to make my car right..He is getting a Christmas card from me.”

-- Riff Raff Turbobuicks.com


“As a performance transmission builder with inside knowledge of the market, I would go with EXtreme Automatics for any automatic transmission. Extreme Automatics is the only real competitor with Rossler, which is a name most are familiar with here. TH400's in 5 second cars, only two places I know of at that level... Rossler and Extreme. It's amusing to see how close minded some forums are. If it's not a sponsor they must not know what they are doing. There are quite a few builders who don't need to pay for advertising, because their reputation is good enough they can stay busy without advertising. EXtreme Automatics is one of those.”

-- jakeshoe ls1tech.com


“Agreed. EXtreme Automatics builds a nice trans for a very competitive price. So do many other trans builders but he seems to be the best bang for the buck without any concerns of quality IMO. The glide will be a great option for your setup but the cost is close to triple what a TH400 would run you. Plus the 400 is still very streetable if you plan on any street driving then thats just another plus for the TH400. I would use Edge for the converter if you don't already have a converter you plan on using. Super knowledgeable and stands by his converters even renews your warranty every time you s it in for a freshen up. I've not heard a single bad thing about EDGE converters. ”

-- big dave theturboforums.com


“Best trans I've ever owned. Takes all the HP you can throw at it and doesn't miss a beat!”

-- Matt Blasco


“Lonnie is da man, stage 3 200r4 that takes a shit kicking daily....how long will it last behind a 650rwhp GN......no signs of giving up after 3 years. The motor he built for this thing still scares me every time I drive it. Lol”

-- Datar Sandhu


“Excellent quality and customer support.”

-- Dwayne Thompson


“Lonnie is an exceptional professional with years of pedigree building a 2004r transmission. I have been running his stage 1 transmission for 15k miles in my 1987 Turbo Regal with 400+ horsepower. Could not ask for a more comfortable and reliable transmission for the car! A++”

-- Greg Frede


Thank you from EXtreme Automatics, Where Winning is Easy!

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