2004R Q&A

First, I'd like to say thank you for visiting the EXtreme Automatics Website.

Lonnie Diers

In this section we will dissect the 2004R to determine if its the right transmission for you, what Stage or Options best suit your needs.

If you are a customer that appreciates quality you have come to the right place. Sit back and relax I will try to make this easy for you to make an informed decision.

I will address the most common questions I am asked on a daily basis. Then we will move on.

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Q - Will the 2004R fit my application?

The 2004R can be installed in almost any GM application using Chevy, Buick, Olds, Pontiac and Cadillac Power plants that use the later Chevy or BOP mounting. The 2004R is an easy swap to replace 2 or 3 speed TH400, TH350, PG, TH200, TH250, yes even the 700R4.

The 2004R shares many of the same mounting points as the transmissions listed. When you install the 2004R the shift linkage, Transmission lines, converter mounting are the same as any other GM transmission. When replacing the TH350, TH200, TH250, 7004R in most cases the driveshaft can be reused. The transmission mount will require the cross member to be moved into the Th400 location and on most all GM intermediates the factory provided the mounting holes for you to move the cross member.

When replacing the TH400 the drive shaft length and yoke will need to be corrected. The cross member mounting area and the other points listed are the same.

The 2004R uses its own fill tube. None of the transmission Dip stick tubes listed will interchange. You must use a dipstick tube that was intended for the 2004R.

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Q - Will the 2004R handle the HP of my engine?

The 2004R Will handle up to 1000HP in a street and strip application. If your HP level is above 1000HP and you have primarily a drag car that is used very little on the street. You should be looking at the 4L80E.

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Q - 2004R or 700R4?

I have been asked this question more than any other. Straight answer some will not like. Honestly its not even a fair fight. The 2004R will handle power that far exceeds that of any 700R4 or 4L60 that can be build at any price.

2004R has a better gear ratio spread, better Overdrive ratio, will fit many more applications, Lighter, Stronger I can go on and on.

The 700R4 is best left to applications where its the only option such as 4WD or All WD, tow vehicles, Lower HP applications or customers that are more concerned with budget v/s strength and reliability.

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Q - Why should I buy from Extreme Automatics?

Simply we are the best builder of 2004Rs in the country. There are many builders that can install a pile of parts. A pile of parts does not make for a great transmission.

A great transmission is one that is built with quality parts and the experience to remove shortcomings inside the transmission. All the parts in the world wont fix internal leaks, unit calibration, pressure rise or internal thrust problems. We repair many units from other builders every year that have done a great job installing parts and rebuilding the transmission with little or no success.

Why? They simply did not have 20 years of 2004R specific experience to repair the problems that GM built into the unit. They used good parts and performed a good build and the transmission still failed. In some cases several times.

If your builder talks about a shift kit and clutch material for a "built transmission" you should probably go somewhere else. There are no magic clutches or shift kits that will correct the inefficiencies inside the transmission.

We stand behind our units with a real warranty. We will freshen our units as long as you own it for $350. We believe in what we do and want our customers experience to be the best it can be. If you are not happy with our unit we will will buy it back during the first 30 days no questions asked.

Our 2004R builds share many of the same components. Only items that change are items that are required to go up in HP and TQ. All of our Stages are street friendly.

They shift and act identically the same from the Stage 1 to the Stage 3. The Stage 3 while capable of handling much more HP and torque than the Stage 1 will drive exactly the same.

What to expect when installing your 2004R. Our transmissions do not bang. When driving normal they will have a positive shift slightly more bump than stock. As you accelerate the shifts will become more aggressive. Torque converters can play a role. The tighter the converter the more positive the shift will feel and the looser converter will soften shifts slightly. Bottom line. Make your decision based on your budget and more importantly your HP/TQ requirements. Have no concern that when you go up in Stages the transmission becomes more race Orientated. That simply is not true.

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Q - Lock Up Converter or Non - Lock up converter?

If you are primarily street driving and lower RPM and best fuel economy are a concern then the Lock-up converter is probably for you. The lock-up will remove the additional slippage from the converter at cruise. The Lock-up will loose some WOT efficiency while unlocked.

If you are Limited Street do not take long trips and converter efficiency at WOT or at the track is more important to you then choose a NON-Lock converter. The right Non Lock converter will deliver the best performance and can be driven anywhere. The Non Lock will have additional slippage at part throttle cruise.

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Stage Descriptions

Stage 1 2004R The Stage 1 was originally designed for the Buick Turbo car making less than 450HP. Cars that build power slowly (like turbo power).
This transmission works great for mild small block NA applications under 450HP or any Lower HP stock to mild applications.
The stage 1 was not designed for modified big blocks or torque monsters or Nitrous Engines that hit the torque curve like a sledge hammer. Guys are doing it but we do not recommend it.

Stage 2 2004R
The stage 2 was built for cars from stock up to 750HP / 600ftlb TQ.
The stage 2 works great for Big Blocks, Hot SB, NOS Cars, Turbo cars up to 70mm and covers about 70% of applications.
Our most popular Stage in the EA™2004R line.

Stage 3 2004R The stage 3 from Stock to 1000HP / 850TQ. The Stage 3 is the ultimate 2004R for Big Block, Nitrous Cars, Maximum effort 70mm Turbo cars.
The Stage 3 will handle the power if you can supply it. Transbrake, NOS, 571 BBC, Blower Car "No Problem".
The Stage 3 has been one of our best sellers since 2010.

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