ALL EXtreme Automatics™ TH200-4Rs include:

• The EA™ Super Pump™ is the heart of the 2004R build.
• The EA™ Super Pump™ is the heart of the 2004R/700R4/4L60E build.
• We first start by parallel decking the pump halves to a perfect 90° center line of Stator.
• We Machine lap to a fine finish and maximum of .001" Slide Clearance.
• Pump Drains are drilled to releive Excess pressure on the pump seal.
• We install a Teflon® coated bushing staked in place.
• The pump is ported for maximum fluid flow.
• The Max pressure circuit is enhanced to allow for a Max of 325 psi
• A New Hardened Stator support is installed.
• Matched Rotor and Slide assembly to keep Maximum Clearence to .001"
• 7 Vane Rotor used for Strength and Volume Except 4L60E.
• The Pressure Regulator Modified to allow for accurate Pressure control and slightly increased Lube.
• Pressure Regulator Spring is Variable Rate to allow for quick line pressure changes
• Boost Valve Assemblies .500/.367 to compliment the Quick Ratio PR Spring
• The EA™ Super Pump™ will supply up to 300 psi HOT with increased Volume earning the name Super Pump the best in the industry.

• Internals
• Direct Drum - Ground to ensure Roundness. Lube modification (Stage 2-3 Models) To Aid in cooling of the drum and band Lubrication.
• L/R Center Support - Fitted with a Torrington® Bearing in lieu of Thrust washer to handle thrust load
• Center Support - Pressed Apart and sealed. Teflon® Sealing Rings used to eliminate cross leaks. Machined for Torrington® Bearing OD Ring Gear (Stage 3 only)
• Sun gear Shell - Hardened Sungear Shell installed all units.
• Planets - All Planets are disassembled and rollers are replaced with Pins as Needed. New Race and wear washers are used in all three planets. (Stage 3 Only The pins are replaced with through hardened 300M pins with new race and wear washers welded in place.)
• Sprags (Roller Clutch) - All Models are Fitted with new Borg Warner Sprag assemblies in OD and Low.(Stage 3 fitted with HD Chrysler Rear Roller Clutch. )
• Bearings - Torrington® Bearing replaced through out unit.
• Washers - New thrust washers All Units
• Pump thrust - New AC Delco® pump thrust. ( Stage 3 is Torrington® Bearing)
• EA Billet Forward Drum Shaft - ( Stage 2-3 only) The EA™ Forward drum shaft is made with 300M Aircraft quality steel. The shaft is machined then heat treated then finishground to exact specification. This Hi strength shaft is then welded into the Forward drum basket.
• Clutch **** We Do Not use Clutch Lining made by Alto®****
• Direct Friction - EA™ Exclusive Hi Energy Carbon. We are the only manufacture that has our own lining to handle Heat and Hi HP.
• Forward friction - EA™ Hi Energy Carbon. We use a double wave plate to help prevent banging when shifting to drive.
• Low/ Reverse Friction - EA Hi Energy Carbon
• Overrun Friction - Borg Warner®
• OD Friction - Borg Warner® 3 Clutch all Models
• Steels - Micro Polished Raybestos Steels Used Threw out. We used polished steels as they aid in clutch application and remove heat from the clutch pack. We Never use Koleen steels.

• Intermediate Band - EA™ Exclusive Hi Static Lining. We use a solid strap and have lined with a Blended Hi Static lining. This lining is not typically used in a shifting band but we found that it will hold more HP shift quicker than any other available lining. As mentioned, our band is a solid strap. The Popular Alto® wide band is 38.5 sq inch of apply area and band lugs do not go all the way across the band to apply the band evenly making good use of the 38.5 sq inch of apply area. They tend to curl up on the ends reducing apply area over time to less than 35 sq inch. Our Band is the std width and has 38.5 sq inch of apply area with lugs that go the width of the band so we are able to use all 38.5 sq inch. This makes for a band that does not wear out on the ends and slowly wear out the valuable direct drum.

• Servo Assembly “Size does matter” Our servo is a full 2.995" diameter on the apply side. We use a Dual Scarf on the apply side and lip seal on the release side. While one competitor has a similar size servo, its radically different. “Engineering Does Matter” Our competitor uses a 3 piece design. This design allows the pin to float within the apply piston and relies solely on the return spring to push the band pin to keep it tight against the piston. The servo and the pin move independently. A very delicate balance and in some cases can cause premature band failure.The EA EXtreme Automatics™ 2004R Servo uses a one piece design. The design attaches the servo pin and piston assembly to move as one unit. No we have predictable controlled apply and release of the servo assembly. This creates perfect shift timing.

• Valvebody (BRC) The Brain of the EA™ 2004R is the BRC™. BRC™ simply means BR Calibrated. We took the most popular BR Valvebody more commonly know and exclusively used on the Buick Grand National and basically copied it. After hours on a test bench we were able to see the difference between the Hi Performance BR Valvebody and the standard VB used on most other passenger cars. We then went to work duplicating the performance. What we ended with a Vb that is easily produced with shift like Characteristics of the original Vb used on the Buick Grand National thus the Name BR Calibrated. This was a major step for EA. We became the first builder of the 2004R that did not require and expensive 2004R core from a Grand National or a Monte Carlo SS to build a reliable 2004R with performance shift qualities. We build and sell BRC™ valvebodies to some of the other 2004R builders to this day.

1 Year Warranty
$450 Freshen Up Fee For Life

Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery

2004R Stage I

2004R Stage I

2004R STAGE 1   (450HP/400TQ)6-8 WEEKS BUILD TIME !!! BuildEA Super Pump™Billet ancho..

$2,495.00 Ex Tax: $2,495.00

2004R Stage II

2004R Stage II

2004R STAGE 2   (750HP/600TBUILD TIME 6-8 WEEKS!!!EA Super PumpHarden Input ShaftBillet 60..

$2,895.00 Ex Tax: $2,895.00

2004R Stage III

2004R Stage III

2004R STAGE 3  (1000HP/750TQ)BUILD TIME 6-8 WEEKS !!!! • EA Super Pump • Billet anchor pin ..

$3,895.00 Ex Tax: $3,895.00

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